Sheep, Goats and Pygmys


The Charles

Craig Classic

The Charles Craig Classic is in Honor of the late Charles Craig who served as an Agriculture Instructor for many years in the Wasco Union High School District. During his time in service to the district, Mr. Craig overcame many obstacles that would have otherwise prevented students from experiencing hands-on learning. In his memory, we continue to fight for positive opportunities for our students. 


How will the Charles Craig Classic Work?


Social Distancing

During the Entire Day social distancing will be strictly enforced and Masks are required at all times


Students may bring two guests

Guests will stay within their own Desginated Area

Numbers on the Farm and in the Show Rignt will be strictly controlled


Exhibitors and Parents will recieve timely text alerts when its time to head to the Show, Get their Animal Ready and Get to the Show Ring

Each Class will get a text message to get to the farm

Get their animal ready

head to the show ring

Champion Drives

Exhibitors will be notified to which time they should return to show in the Champion Drive

Food, Restrooms and Water

Exhibitors must use off site facilities for the restroom

Exhibitors and Parents must provide their own food

Exhibitors and Parents must Provide their own water. *WHS Requirement