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Made For Excellence and Advanced Leadership Acadamy Conferences

Personal development starts with the individual. Self-discovery of talents, strengths, interests and personal character are emphasized as the individual is channeled to discover their passion in life. This conference focuses on "ME: one's personal skills and development of the ability to be successful."

Who: Sophomores
When: February 16-17th 2018
What: Each student will:

  • Define leadership and identify how to be a leader in one's home and community

  • Explore the role of choices, responsibility and integrity in character development

  • Investigate personal strengths and interests

  • Identify specific opportunities for involvement in Agricultural Education

  • Explore tools for continued leadership and personal growth, including "sharpen the saw"

  • Revise the personal plan of action, first introduced at the Greenhand Leadership Conference (GLC)

Advanced Leadership Acadamy
Juniors & Seniors
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