The Wasco School Farm Laboratory Plan 2020

Back Story

 The school farm laboratory lost several valuable animals to the breeding and showmanship program. These attacks occurred during the months of January to April and resulted in animals that were killed, had to be put down or injured from 5 separate dog attacks

Currently, there are two llamas acting as livestock guardians for the sheep breeding herds.

With guidance from the Ag Mechanics teacher, students enrolled in those classes have finished what they could prior to the COVID - 19 Epidemic School Closure.

The agriculture department and the district office are working on short and longterm solutions. 

Current Projects

Where we are today


The Wasco Ag Department and WUHS District are working together to meet the needs of our students and the School Farm Laboratory

  • RFQ - Request for Qualifications

The District has sent out a 'request for Qualifications' (RFQ) for architects and other professionals for the farm

  • New Fencing Quotes

The MOT Office has requested quotes with options for The School Farm fencing.

  • New Lights​​

The MOT Office has installed one new LED Spot Light and plans to install more as we move into the summer months. ​

As with anything in a large organization such as a high school these upgrades and plans will take time and careful planning. Due to Covid - 19 some of the measures are taking more time as some companies are closed or have limited service.