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Wasco FFA Sweeps Competition at the 2017 South Valley Sectional Speaking Competition.

Wasco FFA Was Proud today of its many FFA Members! As we hosted the 2017 South Valley Sectional Public Speaking Competition, where student where challenged on their ability to communicate effectively and efficiently.

Bellow is a list of students who made Wasco FFA and Wasco High School Proud.

Jocelyne Juarez - 3rd place Prepared Public Speaking

Alex Santana - 1st place Extemporaneous Public Speaking

Elisa Flores - 1st place Creed Public Speaking

Daniella Ramos - 2nd place Creed Public Speaking

Sasha Flores - 3rd place Creed Public Speaking

Haley Allen - 4th place Creed Public Speaking

A special thanks to all of our Volunteers, Judges and Advisors from across the Section.


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