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Wasco FFA Does Well at the South Valley Sectional Parli Pro Contest!

Wasco FFA Comes home with a few new honors. The Wasco FFA Novice and Advanced Parliamentary Procedure Teams competed Tuesday night at Foothill High School in Bakersfield against School in our area.

The Results:

Novice: 2nd Place Team

Advanced: 2nd Place Team

Outstanding President: Alex Santana

Outstanding Chair: Leslie Rodriguez

These successes come from hard work and dedication. These students work hard to practice day and night to be ready to take on School from around the state. Our next competition is Regionals on March 31st. Wish our teams luck.


Parli Pro Purpose The purpose of the parliamentary procedure leadership development event is to encourage students to learn to effectively participate in a business meeting and to assist in the development of their leadership, research, problem solving skills and critical thinking skills.

Objectives Upon completion of participation in the event, students will be able to: • Use parliamentary procedure to conduct an orderly and efficient meeting. • Demonstrate knowledge of parliamentary law. • Present a logical, realistic and convincing debate on motions. • Evaluate minutes and organizational documents. • Utilize parliamentary resources to solve problems of organizational management and operations.

National Association of Parliamentarians Body of Knowledge: In consultation with the National Association of Parliamentarians and the American Institute of Parliamentarians this event has been aligned with the National Association of Parliamentarians Bodies of Knowledge for members and leaders of organizations

Partnership for 21st Century Learning: This skills, knowledge and disposition cultivated in this event are aligned with the P21 Framework.


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