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About GLC GLC VIDEO Introduces students to the benefits and opportunities in Agricultural Education, including SAE and FFA. This conference is the “hook-line-and-sinker to get students to buy into Agricultural Education throughout their four years in high school.

Who: Freshmen When: September 8th 7AM Leave Wasco to 3:30 arrive back at Wasco What: Each student will:

  • Define Agricultural Education, it's three ring model (Classroom & Laboratory, Supervised Agricultural Experience [SAE] and the National FFA Organization) and the three "Rs" model (Rigorous Instruction, Relevant Experiences and Relationships)

  • Explore the Six Benefits of Agricultural Education through hands on team challenges: Learning, Experience, Leadership, Competition, Travel and Personal Growth.

  • Discover the Six Opportunities in Agricultural Education, which provide the Six Benefits: Hands-On Instruction, Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE), Officers and Committees, Career Development Events (CDE), Conventions and Conferences.

  • Learn more about California FFA's leadership and personal growth conferences: GLC, MFE, ALA, SLE and WLC.

  • Develop a personal plan of action utilizing SMART goals that address the following areas: Lead (FFA), Learn (Classroom), Earn (SAE), and Live (Life).

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