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Wasco FFA Raises Funds for Norther California FFA Victims of Wildfires

The Wasco FFA Chapter raised money through their annual football sales of Tostilocos. Normally this money is spent on students and chapter events. However, upon hearing from other FFA Members across the state needing help. The Wasco Executive Committee decided to use its funds to help chapters and individual members rebuild after their homes, projects and school farm where devastated by the Northern California Wildfires.

Wasco FFA will raise money at the next football game to support the Bakersfield - North FFA Chapters rebuild of their school farm after it was destroyed by a fire just a few weeks ago.

Wasco FFA is dedicated it its mission to Enrich its community, Encourage its members be Extra-Ordinary and Embrace its members through highlighting their: hard work, servant leadership and achievements.


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