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2018 State FFA Leadership Conference Applications Available Now!

A group of 18 students will be chosen to attend the California State FFA Leadership Convention April 22-25 to represent the Wasco FFA Chapter.

Conference Highlights:

  • Meet FFA members from across the state

  • Engage in quality leadership development

  • Help direct the future of your organization

  • Spend a Twilight Night at Disneyland (California Adventure) with FFA Members

Application Process:

The total score of application will be divided by the number of years the students has been a member of Wasco FFA. The students with the highest scores will receive an invitation to the convention. The students chosen will be notified on or before February 23rd. Students are expected to participate fully in the conference including, attending all meetings and sessions, going to educational workshops, and showing support for the San Joaquin FFA Region.


Additionally, space in the hotel is limited and students will be staying 4-5 to a room with only two queen beds and a pullout. Students may want to bring a sleeping bag or blow up mattress.


The total cost of the conference is $300. Students selected will need to pay $181by March 9th to the ASB Accounting Office (Mrs. Salinas).



Follow these steps in this order to successfully apply.

Step 1 Transcripts (Must be done first)

Step 2 Recordbook Print out (Just Page 1 and FFA Activities Page)

Step 3 Application (Click Here)

Step 4 Permission Slip (Click Here)

Get Ready for an Amazing Time!

Conference Mobile App (Click Here)


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