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Zombie Zumba - October FFA Meeting 2018

Ashley Servin and Henry Marin, the two winners of the costume contest.

On Monday October, 29th the Wasco FFA got into the Halloween spirit during their monthly chapter meeting. At this months meeting there was a costume contest, and everyone had the opportunity to participate in Zombie Zumba. Everyone had fun voting on the best costumes, congratulations to Ashley Servin who was dressed as a and Henry Marin who was dressed up as Dwight from The Office. The main event of the evening was Zombie Zumba. Zombie Zumba is Wasco FFA’s way of getting active and getting into the Halloween spirit all while having tons of fun! Zumba is a fun exercise dance routine dance and to incorporate the Halloween spirit members dress up in there costumes specifically Zombies. A big thank you to our zumba instructor, Mr. Ferreira from Hanford FFA. Our chapter’s October meeting was something a little different than our normal monthly meetings, but all the members had a great time, got some fun exercise, and enjoyed some spooky Halloween Treats.

Members and Officers having fun and getting exercise!

Mackinley Wankum

Wasco FFA Chapter Reporter 2018-2019


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