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Opening and Closing

On Tuesday November, 13th at Independence High School the annual Opening and Closing competition was held. Wasco FFA had 8 teams competing in this competition. Opening and Closing is an annual speaking competition, were members create a team and together they each recite their part of the FFA’s Opening and Closing ceremonies. The teams are judged on how well they memories their lines, clearly you can hear and understand them, their appearance, and the overall appearance of the team. Congratulations to The FFA Greenhand Team placed 3rd. Team members are: Jacky Villanueva, Andrea Milligan, Carmen Diaz, Monique Fenderson, Nancy Altamirano and, Jessica Lopez. This team was advised by Mr.Farao. We are very proud of all our teams that competed, every did a great job! Thank you to Independence High School for hosting this event.


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