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Wasco FFA Livestock show teams gear up for Kern County Fair

Summer is almost over and school is about to start, and along with it also comes showmanship season! Showmanship, according to Macmillan dictionary, is the “ability to do things in a lively and enthusiastic way that attracts attention.” Showmanship season is when all our showman begin preparing and gathering all their resources to make this season better than the last! During this period sheep showman feed, sheer, shower, practice and care for any needs their sheep have. Not only do they get to care for an animal, but they learn how to practice safety for the animal along with their nutritional needs. Sheep Showman work their hardest to try placing first during their showmanship meetings. That way they are well prepared during their most important event, the Kern County Fair!

Nick Gutierrez and his lamb

This year our Sheep showmanship team consists of 21 members, including our two senior returners Daniel Ramos and Haley Allen. Haley and Daniela have been showing a Sheep for all 4 years of high school. With multiple achievements, they’ve both accomplished throughout those years. We hope to see our seniors set an example and guide us throughout their last year.

The sheep barn has a very playful and colorful atmosphere. When you see them taking care of their animals they’re as friendly as can be, but don’t let this confuse you. Even though the sheep barn is very friendly they are very serious when it comes to showmanship practice.

Before the new school year starts Wasco’s FFA Chapter is already hard at work. During this summer there are students that take on the task of showing an animal. Students are allowed to choose from one of the 4 species. Swine, the species name for pigs, is lead by Denise

Morales. From the moment these students choose their animal they are responsible for its every need. Whether it be medical or just its everyday necessities such as food and water. Constant exercise is also necessary to keep their animals in shape and healthy. The showman also have the responsibility of attending a weekly weigh meeting and a showmanship practice when announced. These practices are done in order to train the animal to listen to the showman. This is done in order to show their swine at the Kern County Fair. In the swine barn, there are a total of 21 showman. These 21 exhibitors vary from incoming freshmen, returners, and final year seniors. Of these 21 I talked to Henry Marin an incoming Sophomore and first-year exhibitor. He spoke that although rough he enjoys the experience and would recommend it to anyone who is willing to try. He does warn that it takes a lot of time investment and it's not always going to be easy.

The Goat barn is lead by Beatriz Rodriguez and Sonnie Shew. Even though there are only 5 members that reside at our Chapter’s Farm the Goat team is made up of a total of 9 exhibitors. Although they are small in number they are each well rounded and hard-working individuals. Just as all showman they need to care for the well being of their animal no matter what. One thing to keep note of these animals rely on their owners to care for their every need. They must commit to showing up for weigh meetings and showmanship practices every Thursday at 6:30. Practicing daily is necessary to properly show a goat. Given the precise expectations that the judges set. Not only are we excited to see what our goat showman are capable of this year, but they are also very excited to see what our new Goat advisors could bring to the team as a whole.

Finally, we have our Steer Showman! Sky Williams is our first Steer showman in quite a while. The advisor for the Steer project, Anthony Farao, makes sure that Sky is well prepared for competitions and any other activities. The Steer project is probably one of the most difficult projects to have since it is almost a year-round project. When having this project it is important that you have a sufficient amount of money, along with hard work, and determination. Sky is doing a good job handling her Steer, Cowboy, and is excited to be able to do this project with the help of Mr. Farao. Wasco FFA has won multiple achievements in showmanship throughout the past years, and are set on the idea of achieving more during these upcoming years.

By Christopher Padilla

Wasco FFA Reporter


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