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Wasco FFA hosts Pre Fair Showmanship Expo.

Fair is just a few days away and the journey for our exhibitors here in Wasco FFA started in late April 2019 and is coming to its very quick conclusion with the fair just weeks away. Showman from the Swine, Goat, Sheep and Steer barns were invited to exhibit their livestock in front of an industry leading livestock judge.

Early Saturday morning, it was a dark predawn morning at the Wasco high Farm you could hear the sound of grunting pigs, blowers, hose water running, clippers buzzing and chatter from the community. For many members this will be their first time in the ring with a real livestock judge. This opportunity prepares students for the challenges they will face at the Kern County Fair whether it be, getting to the ring on time, washing your animal so they stand out, getting dressed on time, and most importantly following directions.

It is really important that our species exhibitors understand all of the skills necessary to preform their best when showing their animal. This expo really gives them that much more practice and sets expectations. Once again our chapter would like to give a special thanks to the judges who dedicated their Saturday morning in order to educate our members that little bit more so they can show what they are made of in that show ring at fair.

In case you are unaware around 21 members of the Wasco FFA Chapter take on the task of taking care of an animal of their choosing whether it be Swine, Sheep, Goat, or Steer, that being 21 members per barn with Steer being the exception with only 1, in order to show it and sell at the Kern County Fair. In doing this our members develop responsibility given they are expected to care to every need of their animal at all times. This was a fun Saturday and definitly a special day for everyone involved.

Swine Showmanship 1st place- Andrew Morales

Swine Showmanship 2nd place- Jasmine Ramos

Swine Showmanship 3rd place- Gladis Castillo

Goat showmanship- On the left is Farmer Moreno placing 3rd, Chloe Cantu placing 2nd, and on the right Ixchel Sanchez placing 1st

Lamb Showmanship 1st place- Andrew Morales

Lamb Showmanship 2nd place- Nick Gutierrez

Lamb Showmanship 3rd place- Anthony Reyna

Steer Showmanship 1st place- Sky Williams

Valerie Gomez Diaz- Member of Shafter FFA

Anthony Hipolito- Member of Shafter FFA


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