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Wasco Finds Success at the Kern County Fair!

And just like that we are done! Fair has passed and we couldn't be prouder of our exhibitors. The hard work and determination each one put in really showed. I personally had a lot of fun with the project as a whole and everybody I've talked to about it really enjoyed it and wishes to partake in showing again starting next summer. The experience is fun and a good way to interact with and make new friends. It's important to also remember it took a lot of time and dedication to make it to fair and just getting there in the first place is an accomplishment on its own.

Along with the fun at fair we had many placings, victories, if you will, in every barn. Before that I wanted to announce the first through third placers for Kern Bred and Fed Showmanship. To give a brief explanation of this competition each species has its own and the only Showman allowed to participate are those of which who have an animal that was bred and raised solely in Kern County. In Swine Barn Jocelyne Juarez and Andrew Morales took 1st Place in their classes. In Lamb Barn Nick Gutierrez got 2nd, Vianey Padilla and Emma Litchfield got 1st place. There were no First through Third placings in Goat Barn although we still are proud of those who showed.

Members of the Swine Barn

Now to start off, in the Swine Barn we had a total of 7 First through third places in Market Showmanship, which is the ranking system that determines where you are on the auction list. Jocelyn Juarez, Henry Marin, Andrew Morales, and Christopher Padilla got 3rd place, Alejandro Gomez got 2nd place, and Idaly Flores, Kailin Medina, and Jasmine Ramos placed 1st in their classes. In the Showmanship competition, which is a demonstration of ones skill as a Showman and how they work with their animal, we had Gladis Castillo, Andrew Morales, Jocelyne Juarez, and Jasmine Ramos made it to the final round and ultimately Andrew Morales took 2nd place and was the 2019-2020 Reserved Grand Champion.

Andrew Morales and Blue, together they got 3rd in Market and Reserved Grand Champion in Showmanship

In Lamb Barn for Market Showmanship Elias Merino, Jessica Concuera, Mackinley Wankum, Layla Duran, and Anthony Reyna placed 3rd, Sergio Anaya coming in 2nd in his class, and Emma Litchfield placing 1st place in her Market Class. Elias also placed 2nd in his Market Class with his second Lamb. For Lamb Showmanship Kalani Castillo, Elias Merino, and Sergio Anaya made it to Finals.

Members of Lamb Barn

The Goat Barn had Ixchel Sanchez place 2nd in her class and Farmer Moreno place First place in his Market Class. Goat Barn also had Dalia Juarez Tapia go into Finals for Showmanship. We would like to congratulate all our showman who participated in any competitions.

Goat Barn Members

Last but certainly not least Sky Williams and her Steer, Cowboy. She placed 3rd place in Market, 2nd in Leather Lead with her Chick-fil-A employee outfit and Cowboy dressed as a chicken with a message to the crowd,"Eat more chicken." She also made it to Finals in Showmanship. Her and Cowboy have been doing amazing and she compromised very well despite Cowboy's stubbornness.

Sky Williams and Cowboy

Besides the traditional competitions each species has their own costume contest. Just like Leather Lead for Steer, Swine Barn has Pork and Plaid, Lamb Barn has Ladies and Lads, Goats and Gold. This year we had Gladis Castillo, dressed as ice and her pig Oreo a baby and Mikayla dressed as a Ringmaster and her pig a Lion for Pork and Plaid. In Ladies and Lads we had two 3rd placers. Layla Duran dressed as Russel from the Pixar movie Up and her Lamb Ella dressed up with balloons to represent the house. Our other placer was Jessica Corcuera dressed as a Carousel and her Lamb as a horse.

In this picture are the participants for Ladies and Lads

Overall Wasco had a successful fair and we are excited for next year!


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