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South Valley B.I.G, COOP, and Novice Recordbook Competition at Taft

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

(Back row left to right: Haley Parten, Sofia Reyes, Sergio Anaya, Lindsay Lee, Alejandro Gomez, Front Row left to right: Corina Gonzalez, Gabrielle Williams, Johnny Perez, Vianey Padilla, Juan-Carlos Pimentel, Jasmine Ramos, Jalie Grundt, Sky Williams, and Daniela Ramos)

On February 5th, 2020 Wasco FFA partook in a competition at Taft High School in order to compete against South Valley FFA chapters. In this competition there were selected teams which competed in the three competitions that were hosted. The three competitions were Best Informed Greenhand, Freshman only, Novice Recordbooks, and Cooperative marketing.

The objective of the Best Informed Greenhand contest is to understand the aims, purposes, history, and structure of the Local, State, and National FFA student organizations and to know the opportunities that are available which is referenced in the current National FFA Manual and State Constitution.

Record keeping may not sound exciting, but it’s a big part of life — and the FFA experience. Novice Recordbooks is where a team shall consist of four members, with the top three scores comprising the team.

For Coops a team will consist of three members. Each chapter may enter up to 5 participants in the Marketing Contest. The Marketing event seeks to effectively prepare the students with the practices and operations of Agricultural Cooperatives. Workers seeking careers in cooperative marketing must not only develop a high degree of knowledge and skill they must also develop the ability to solve difficult problems.  This event blends the testing of manipulative skills and knowledge required for careers in operations and marketing. 

Congratulations to all of 101 participants and a special thanks to Taft High School for hosting a great contest!

Cooperative Marketing:

2nd place Co-Ops Team: Alejandro Gomez, Johnny Perez, Haley Parten, Sky Williams, Daniela Ramos.

Novice AET Recordbooks:

4th place Novice Record book Team: Lindsay Lee, Corina Gonzales, Vianey Padilla, Sophia Reyes.

Best Informed Greenhand (B.I.G.)

5th place Best Informed Greenhand Team: Juan Carlos Pimentel, Gabrielle Williams, Sergio Anaya, Jalie Grundt, Jasmine Ramos.

(1st image from left to right: Juan Carlos Pimentel, Sergio Anaya, Jasmine Ramos, Gabrielle Williams, and Jalie Grundt) (2nd image from left to right: Lindsay Lee, Corina Gonzalez, Vianey Padilla, and Sofia Reyes) (3rd image from left to right: Alejandro Gomez, Daniela Ramos, Haley Parten, Sky Williams, and Johnny Perez)


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