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2022 MFE/ALA

Eighteen members of the Wasco FFA chapter attended MFE( Made For Excellence) or the ALA (Advanced Leadership Academy) conference this past Saturday and Sunday(19th-20th).

Both conferences served the purpose of expanding the horizons for young leaders within our chapter.

Some members who attended and Hannah Kunkle, State Vice President

MFE is a conference open to high school sophomores and specifically emphasizes the concept that members have to believe in themselves before they confidently serve others.

MFE is all about a student's awareness of who they are and how to create trust, demonstrate vulnerability, as well as provide empathy in order to form connections and, eventually, influence people around them. Members who attended this conference are now capable of attending ALA during their junior or senior year.

ALA is a conference open to Juniors and Seniors and focuses on providing members with the knowledge of how to collaborate with others to achieve a shared goal. This conference focuses on the process of analyzing program needs and developing a project or event, as students learn how to form creative leadership teams in their chapter.

From left to right: Top: Dayana Limon S, Sam Garcia, Reagan Denny- State Sentinel, Jalie Grundt, Paul Horta Castaneda- State Secretary, Layla Duran, Esteban Hernandez, Lesly Madriz- State Treasurer Bottom: Hannah Kunkle- State Vice President, Marc Cabeliza- State President, Jake Dowell-State Reporter.

All eighteen Wasco FFA members who attended MFE/ALA

Wasco FFA hopes for these members to apply the experience and valuable knowledge they have gained from either one of these conferences!

Conference details retrieved from the California Agricultural Education webpage:

“Recent News.” Home | California FFA and Agricultural Education,


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