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Greenhand Conference Applications now Available

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Application Link - Applications due Friday!

About GLC GLC VIDEO Introduces students to the benefits and opportunities in Agricultural Education, including SAE and FFA. This conference is the “hook-line-and-sinker to get students to buy into Agricultural Education throughout their four years in high school.

Who: Freshmen When: Thursday, October 13th, 7 AM Leave Wasco to 3:00 pm arrive back at Wasco What: Each student will:

WHAT - Students will cover:

WHO I am

Identify personal interests and characteristics. Explore how those interests and characteristics can translate into passions and values.

WHY I matter

Build self-confidence through establishing healthy habits. Engage in conversations of empathy to discover the importance of diversity and inclusion.

WHAT is ag ed

Explore the diversity of California agriculture. Identify how Agricultural Education creates well-rounded individuals through the three-ring model of Classroom & Laboratory (Knowledge), Supervised Agricultural Experience [SAE] (Skill) and the National FFA Organization (Relationships).

WHERE we can go

Hear from FFA alumni working both in and out of the agricultural industry to identify the benefits of Agricultural Education. Explore agricultural education pathways their school offers and the careers those pathways can lead to.

HOW we get there

Dive deeper into the circle of FFA to explore Career Development Events (CDE), Leadership Development Events (LDE), Conventions and Conferences. Investigate the circle of SAE, witness SAE highlights and rank their interest level in different/potential projects. Create a personal plan of action that address the areas of FFA, Classroom and SAE.


Define servant leadership. Examine how to have a positive impact on the community through social media and community service. Complete a personal plan of action by adding in the areas of Personal Life and Community.

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