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Charles Craig Classic 2022

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Come Join us for the 3rd Annual Charles Craig Classic - Livestock Show this Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday lineup will include

  • Swine show from 8 AM -2 PM

  • Cattle Show from 4 PM - 6 PM

Sunday lineup will include

  • Goat Show Starts at 8 AM followed by

  • Sheep Show followed by

  • Pygmy Goat Show

Tri-Tip Sandwich Lunch will start being served at 10:30 AM. Come, watch the show, and eat or come grab some Tri-Tip Sandwiches to go.

Lindsay Lee

Thank You for your support of your students.

For more information please visit

Here is a list of our incredible Supporters and Sponsors.

Platinum Partner Sponsors

  • MV Autoworks

  • Knights Plumbing

  • Poso Creek Ranch and Feed

  • Kern Labor Service

  • Golden Empire Shelling

Champion Sponsors

Juan Carlos Pimentel Vasquez
  • Mello Family

  • Creative Builders

  • Yao Wei Family, LLC

  • David and Jenifer Abernathy

  • Ronnie Snow Family

  • Marlow Ag Logistics

  • S.O. Farms

  • Gabby's Grill and Cafe

  • Morales Livestock

  • Mike & Susan Elliott

  • Rogers Family

  • Nicol Family

  • The Purdie Family

  • Farao Web Services

  • GSA Trucking, LLC

  • Gould Auction & Appraisal LLC

  • Gary and Yolanda Garcia

  • Grundts Family

  • Gebhart Farm Management (GFM)

Banner Sponsors

Issac Ruddell
  • Melissa Moore

  • Real Solar

  • Frank Tebeau

  • High Noon Feeds

  • R&M Farm Services

  • Addison Tatum

  • Jim and Janet Grundt

  • C. Rodgers

  • Medina' 5 Trucking

  • Magana and Son Transportation LLC​

In-Kind Sponsors

  • Wasco UHSD MOT Staff

  • Gerardo Gomez

  • Leo Medina

  • Bill Willoughby

  • David Abernathy

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