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November Decade Meeting

On Monday, November 16 we held our 2nd online meeting of the year. Overall 154 Wasco members joined the meeting. We encouraged our members to dress up in their AG teacher decade for an extra FFA point. The decades were as followed: Farao - 50´s, Clark - 60´s, Morales - 70´s, Abernathy - 80´s, and Shew 90´s. Congratulations to the costume contest winners, 1st place: RJ Hurtado, 2nd place: Kalani Castillo, 3rd place: Anthony Reyna. We received many creative pictures of members dress up. It was an amazing Bingo night. We played regular Bingo, two lines, and blackout. Our winner for regular bingo was Anthony Reyna. Ashley Servin was the winner for the two lines. Our blackout winner was Jocelyn Barrera.


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