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Wasco FFA Friends and Family Awards Program 2023

This year, Wasco FFA commemorated the chapter’s 92nd annual Friends and Family Awards Program. The attendees were able to celebrate and recognize the accomplishments of those who have devoted their time to the Wasco High School FFA Chapter.

The Star Greenhand Award is awarded to a first-year FFA member and is reserved for students who have had projects, are involved in teams, and other FFA activities. There were three candidates for the Star Greenhand Award this year. Betziada Quintilla, Jonathan Flores, and Emma Gomez were the top Greenhands for this award. This year, we congratulate Emma Gomez for the Star Greenhand Award.

The Star Chapter Farmer Award is given to a second-year member who has consistently been involved in the chapter by having a strong SAE Project and has participated in other FFA activities. Our Top Star Chapter Farmer candidates are Samantha Cortez, Lauren Lee, and Yareli Sanchez. Congratulations to Samantha Cortez for receiving the 2022-2023 Star Chapter Farmer Award.

The Parent of the Year Award is given to a member’s parent who has been there for our students and takes time out of their life to not only serve and provide care for their student, but be a parent to all members of our chapter. Wasco FFA is proud to present Chris and Jenna Grundt as the Parents of the Year Award for the countless hours of service they have given to support our FFA Chapter.

Wasco FFA was able to honor and recognize the students who exhibited skills and excelled in their Agricultural classes that are offered at Wasco High School.

This year's Outstanding Students are:

Sustainable Biology – Jennifer Lopez

Ag Government WACP- Jalie Grundt

Ag Gov – Juan Carlos Pimentel Vazquez

Ag Econ- Dayana Limon Santiago

Ag Mechanic 1 – Noah Sanchez

Farm Power- Devin Lowe

Animal Science – Luke Abshire

Vet Science- Aileen Solis

Plant and Soil Science- Valeria Perez

Floral- Rachelle Reyes

Horticulture – Daniel Ortiz & Luis Rosas

Agriculture Communications 9th- Whitney Gonzalez

Agriculture Communications 10th Ag Mech- Megan Gibson

Agriculture Communications 10th Ag Bus- Paulina Martinez

Welding- Fernando Rodriguez Villanueva

Workhorse Award- Issac Ruddell

This year the Wasco Ag Boosters Club is proud to present four Large scholarships to the applicants that qualified for this scholarship. These applicants must be a WHS Senior in the Agriculture Program and have received their State FFA degree, have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, and submitted a completed application by the due date. This year’s scholarship recipients were Dayana Limon, Jalie Grundt, Jasmine Ramos, and Lilliana Valdez.

Wasco FFA is proud to present our 2023-2024 Chapter Officer Team:

President: Diego Gomez

VP of Community: Arturo Nunez

VP of Chapter: Natalia Crane

VP of Members: Lauren Lee

Secretary: Karly Perez

Treasurer: Benito Juarez

Reporter: Yareli Sanchez

Sentinel: Esteban Hernandez

Historian: Samantha Cortez

Congratulations to all who received an award. Wasco FFA is proud of all your accomplishments. Thank you to all who attended our annual awards program.


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