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Recordbook Help for AET

Welcome to the AET page! Here you will find information that will be helpful to you as you set up and utilize your Agriculture Experience Tracker! Your AET is your home base for recording all of your acheievements with your SAE project, FFA leadership activities, and educational experinces both inside and outside of your agriculture classes. Below, you will find some useful guides to help you get started on the AET, as well as project specific information for some of our most common SAE's. Good luck and happy tracking!

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Getting Started with AET

If you are brand new to using the AET, please use the helpful guides below to get you started with your new recordbook! If you follow the directions step-by-step, you should be able to get going. Need more assistance? Contact your agriculture teacher by email, or simply stop by their classroom.

Setting Up an SAE in AET
Entering Activities in AET
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