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Career Development Events 

Here are the CDE teams and events that Wasco FFA Competes in. there are resources available for most contest. 

In California, there are 31 career development events (CDEs), seven leadership development events (LDEs) and three activities that cover job skills in everything from communications to mechanics. Some events allow students to compete as individuals, while others require students to work together in a team. In blue are the contest Wasco FFA Participates in. Click the contest to learn more at our Google resources site. 

Career Development Events (CDEs)       

1. Agricultural Communications
2.Agribusiness (Farm) Management
Agricultural Pest Control
4. Agricultural Sales
5. Agricultural Science Fair
6. Agricultural Tech and Mechanics
7. Agricultural Welding
8. Agronomy
Citrus Evaluation
10. Computer Applications
12. Cotton Evaluation
13. Dairy Cattle Evaluation
14. Farm Power and Machinery
Farm Record Book (AET)
16. Floriculture
17. Food Science & Technology

19. Fruit Tree Pruning
20. Fruit Tree Evaluation
21. Grapevine Pruning
22. Grapevine Evaluation
Light Horse Evaluation
24. Livestock Evaluation
25. Marketing Plan
26. Meats Evaluation and Technology
27. Milk Quality and Dairy Foods
28. Natural Resources and Environment
Nursery/ Landscape
30. Poultry Evaluation
Small Engines
32. Soil and Land Evaluation
33. Vegetable Crop Evaluation
Veterinary Science


Leadership Development Events (LDEs)       
1. Agricultural Issues Forum

2. Creed Speaking 
3. Employment Skills (Job Interview) 
4. Extemporaneous Public Speaking 
5. Impromptu Public Speaking
6. Parliamentary Procedure
7. Prepared Public Speaking


FFA Activities       
1. Best Informed Greenhand

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