Wasco FFA offers an exciting opportunity for students to show livestock at the Kern County Fair. Animal Projects are challenging and develop students responsibility and critical thinking skill within a real world situation. 


Students own and sell their animals and keep all proceeds after all debts are settled. 


At Wasco High School we have implemented an application process so that we have the best well-rounded students representing Wasco High School and the Wasco FFA Chapter at the Kern County Fair. 


For more information about the Application Process Click here.

2022 Approved Student Showman List

Swine Show Team

---------Swine At Home--------


---Animals at School Farm----

  1. Emma Gomez

  2. Aiden Litchfield

  3. Benito Juarez

  4. Daniel Rodriguez

  5. Diego Gomez

  6. Erick Perez

  7. Gerardo Perez

  8. Issac Ruddell

  9. Izick Perez

  10. Jasmine Ramos

  11. Jennifer Ugalde

  12. Lilliana Valdez

  13. Sesilia Rodroguez

  14. Tyler Abernathy

Sheep Show Team

-------Sheep at Home--------

  1. Samantha Garcia

----Sheep at School Farm---

  1.  Luke Abshire

  2. Michael Hill

  3. Dezarae DeLeon

  4. Jayden Torres

  5. Karly Perez

  6. Katelynn Puckett

  7. Lauren Lee

  8. Leila Marin

  9. Natalia Crane

  10. Thomas Cooley 

Goat Show Team

-------Goat at Home--------

  1. Yareli Sanchez

-------Goat at Farm--------

  1. Juan Carlos Pimentel

  2. Estaban Hernandez

  3. Briseida Ruiz

  4. Fernando Rodriguez

  5. Izabella Juarez

  6. Jacqueline Reyes

  7. Klarissa Gomez

  8. Mia Quintana

Poultry Show Team

  1. Samantha Cortez

Rabbit Show Team

  1. Isabella Moreno 

  2. Leila Marin

Steer Showman

  1. Jalie Grundt

Species Advisors


Swine - Mrs. Morales

Sheep - Mr. Farao

Goats - Ms. Shew

Rabbits - Ms. Shew

Chickens - Mrs. Morales

*If you need specific species information please contact the advisor of that species. For more information please visit your Species Site above.

*A few Notes*

Students who wish to change species may do so with the approval of the species advisor. 

Deposits are due to Mrs. Salinas by May 13th in the amount of $400. A total amount of Purchase is due by species selection day. Your Species advisor will contact you with more information. Please Check the Livestock Calendar (Click Here)