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Kern County Fair 2018

The 2018 Kern County Fair was a success. Exhibitors represented Wasco well and had tons of fun. Raising livestock to Show at the Kern County Fair is a project that students take on in their own time, this project is only worked on outside of class. This is not an easy task. Fair is a time when we see all our hard work put into action.

Wasco FFA’s Goat exhibitors showed in their market class. Gisselle Mancilla was 2nd in her class. Also from the Goat barn we congratulate Sky Williams for being Grand Champion in the Goats and Gold show.In the Sheep Barn we congratulate Haley Allen for placing 2nd in her market class. Daniela Ramos had a very rewarding fair this year. Daniela was 2nd in her market class and 2nd in her Kern Breed and Fed class as well. Both Haley Allen and Daniela Ramos showed in the final drive for this class.

This year was Vianey Padilla’s first year showing livestock and we congratulate her on being first in her Kern Bred and Fed class and then participating in the final drive, where she placed 4th. Wasco exhibitors did very well in the Ladies and Lads show. Bailey Serda was the Grand Champion of this show, Sky Williams took 2nd, Meah Dickson was 3rd, and 4th went to Haley Allen. Andrew Morales was 2nd and 3rd in his market classes and 2nd in his Breeding Ewe class. Nick Gutierrez was 1st in his class of natural market lambs, and went on to show in the final drive for his class. The swine barn also had a good time at the fair this year. We congratulate Andrew Morales and Gabriel Benavidez for making it to final showmanship. Andrew Morales also placed 2nd in his market class. Johnny Perez placed 3r

d in his market class as well. We congratulate Jocelyne Juarez, for being placed 3rd in her Kern Breed and Fed class, her pig was exhibited by Andrew Morales in this show. This year was a very successful year for the Chicken barn. Wasco FFA earned Grand Champion pen of Chickens raised and exhibited by Janeht Reyes. A special mention to Farmer Moreno (son of Ed and Katie Moreno) for his Reserv

e Grand Champion Chickens and his team up as an independent with Wasco FFA.

I would also like to thank all of the parents and sponsors that support the Wasco High School FFA. To our parents, we owe a huge thank you for all your support and hard work so that our exhibitors could get out there and do what they do. We thank our sponsors, without you all this wouldn't be possible to achieve. The exhibitors would also like to thank our Advisors; the swine advisor, Mrs. Morales, the sheep advisor, Mr. Farao, the goat advisor, Mr. Clark, the chicken advisor, Ms. Rodriguez, and our Farm Manager Mr. Leo Medina. Without our species advisors these projects could not have happened, you are greatly appreciated.

Mackinely Wankum

Wasco FFA

Chapter Reporter


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