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Wasco Ag. Boosters Scholarship Winners

RJ Hurtado 2022 Scholarship Winner (Traditional)
Kalani Castillo 2022 Scholarship Winner (WACP)

This year, the Wasco Ag Boosters presented the first Wasco Ag Boosters Scholarship. These applicants must be a Wasco High School Senior in the Agriculture Program, have received their State FFA Degree, have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, and submitted a completed application by the due date. The Wasco Ag Boosters Club is proud to present the Ag Boosters Scholarship of $2,000 to Kalani Castillo (WACP) and RJ Hurtado (Traditional). Congratulations.

The Wasco Ag Boosters Scholarship is funded in part by donations from the members of the community. For more information please reach out to the Wasco Ag Boosters. Their web address is


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