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March Rewind!

Let's spin back the tape and get a recap of March events!

The first event that occurred in March is the Cal Poly SLO-26 Hours of Science and Technology in Agriculture. Eight Wasco FFA members had the opportunity to attend this event and expand their knowledge in the agricultural industry as well as their knowledge on California Polytechnic State University SLO. Wasco FFA appreciates Cal Poly for inviting our chapter to this event.

From left to right: Dayana Limon, Issac Ruddel, Samantha Garcia, Liliana Valdez, Benito Juarez, Jasmine Ramos, Juan Carlos Pimentel, Diego Gomez.

Wasco FFA also had a successful chapter meeting on March 14th. Our chapter meeting was sports themed and various members dressed up supporting various sports ranging from baseball to football. Members were capable of participating in a relay race after the business section of our meeting. Our relay race consisted of three mini-games, all of which members enjoyed spectating and participating.

From left to right: Kalani Castillo, Sofia Reyes, Jackelyn Villanueva.

Members at our March Sports chapter meeting.

In addition, Wasco FFA was very well represented at California FFA State Conference which was hosted in Sacramento this year. Wasco FFA appreciates Ms.Mercado for attending this conference with us and being a great chaperone. At state conference, we had 18 of our Wasco FFA members attending with various of the members participating in leadership roles as well as a contest.

  • Jalie Grundt and Samantha Garcia were state ambassadors and by being in this role they met state legislators as well as other significant people.

  • Amber Newby, Desserie DeLeon, and Dayana Limon Santiago participated in courtesy corp.

  • Esteban Hernandez and Dayana Limon Santiago were Delegates at the State conference which means we represented the 450 members of our chapter at a statewide level.

Natalia Crane performing "Creep" by Radiohead.
  • Natalia Crane won the state conference talent show by showcasing her skills as a musician in front of 6,000 people twice. Way to go Nati!

18 Wasco FFA members, Ms.Mercado, and Mr.Farao

April is full of exciting experiences for members to participate in as well!


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